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EVA Recruitment Management Has Been Trusted
by Various Industrial Sectors

Various Advantages
EVA Recruitment Management

Enjoy EVA Recruitment Management features to improve the effectiveness of the recruitment process

Instant Filtering Process

Accelerate candidate screening with a single system, from job portals to integrated ATS systems

Automated Scheduling

Set schedules and automatic reminder notifications for candidates regarding the recruitment process

Accurate and Precise Candidates

Know potential candidates precisely and accurately through personality tests to get the best candidates

Why Should You Choose EVA Recruitment Management?

Free Training and Implementation Fee

Get training sessions related to EVA system for users by a team of professionals for free

No User Restrictions

Access the system without limiting the number of users to support the teamworking process in the company

Responsive Technical Support

Get expert help from the latest feature updates to quick resolution

What They Say About
EVA Recruitment Management

Make Company Recruitment 10x More Efficient

Simplify the company’s recruitment process with EVA’s most complete recruitment software

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